Jim Clifton
CEO, The Gallup Organization

“In Black is the New Green, Andrea Hoffman and Len Burnett offer astute insight into one very powerful demographic shift that is driving the trend toward niche marketing – and they provide compelling and cost-effective strategies for reaching this emerging New affluent niche. They make the case that target marketing is no longer simply “nice” to do, it is a “need” to do – and, using recent, successful case studies to illuminate each step, they show you how.”

Bob Shullman
President, Ipsos Mendelsohn

“Understanding the dynamics of the affluent African American marketplace as well as its motivations and expectations are critical challenges for all marketers. “Black is the New Green” is a must-read for marketers who have a lot to gain from understanding this important segment of affluent America.”

Noel Hankin
Sr. VP, Multicultural Relations Moet Hennessy USA

“Hoffman and Burnett put a spotlight on an enormous, yet under-appreciated opportunity. If you want to Increase sales of upscale goods and services, this book is a road map.”

Rudy Chavez
President, Baume & Mercier

Black is the New Green” provides thorough insight into the growing, affluent African American community. It explores the vast opportunities that exist for brands which have not yet authentically communicated with this group. An enjoyable read, and with numerous anecdotes throughout, it is straightforward and to the point.”

Andrew Bennet

The rising affluent African American markmet has been mostly overlooked by luxury brands, but with an African American president in the White House, and a new global worldview, it is time for marketers to sit up and take notice. In “Black is the New Green”, authors Burnett and Hoffman tell you how to bring this expanding market to your brand, filled with examples of successful campaigns, detailed plans and thought provoking ideas—this book is a must for anyone who sells high end products.

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